Celebrating the 291 Agricultural Societies Across Alberta

Ag Societies work to enhance quality of life by developing programs and services, and providing facilities that meet the needs of their communities. These organizations are often run by dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to organize events that bring communities together. These events provide opportunities for people to socialize and connect with others in their community. This sense of community can be particularly important in rural areas where people may feel isolated.

They run the facilities.  They plan and host the community events.

Have you been to a small town fair ? They are the ones who hosted it.


 By having a special day to recognize their important work, we can show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, raise awareness of their importance in our communities, and encourage more people to get involved.
To Celebrate Agricultural Society Day in Alberta ( September 21 )
People are encouraged to post on social media with #abagsocietiesday
                    • What your Ag Society means to you and why others should join
                    • How has the Ag Society impacted you or your community
                    • What is the best part of being part of your Ag Society ?



What are people saying about Ag Societies ?


    There are currently over 700 facilities in Alberta, some of which include ice arenas, riding arenas, community halls, curling rinks, barns, and campgrounds that are owned and/or operated by Ag Societies in Alberta. In addition, Agricultural Societies fill other community needs such as providing education in Agriculture, organizing and hosting sports, cultural and recreational events, as well as offering safety courses and seniors activities. In support of education and youth,  Ag Societies offer scholarships and partner with other community groups (including 4-H ) in developing educational programs, and sending youth to leadership and educational camps.