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The theory of game-based learning (GBL) involves a new way of training volunteers and employees. We are talking about the use of games for learning. The demand for gamified content is increasing and getting more and more varied, with video games designed for nearly all target audiences and sectors.

Our new Certified Volunteer Board Member Program will take you on a tour of all the rooms of an organization to explain topics like:

  • Governance
  • Board Structure
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Board Development
  • Planning and Strategic Direction
  • Communications
  • Board Meetings

Each room represents one of the sections in the Governance Guidebook.  Each room has objectives to meet/complete before learner can leave Once learner clicks on a room, image changes to show the room itself, rather than the overhead view.  There is a board member in each room. Learner must work their way through the room – answering questions, watching videos, completing activities – to earn the vote of the board member and be allowed to move to another room.  Final room is the boardroom. Learner must earn the final vote of the Board Chair to successfully complete the game.

EXAMPLE —Room One: What is Governance?

  • Learner is welcomed by a board member.
  • As an introduction, Board Member will explain “Public Trust” to the Learner and go through the Public Trust Checklist PDF.
  • Board member explains the objectives of the room
    •  Define: Governance
    •  List and describe the three areas of responsibility
    •  List and describe the commitments required of a Board Director
    •  Name and differentiate between various models of governance
    •  Review 10 fundamental governance principles
  • Learner is advised to reference the materials provided to successfully complete the activities
  • Learner will be invited to explore the room on their own to learn about the objectives.