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AAAS is looking to update our data of an integrated view of our industry from the results of several research projects conducted recently among AAAS members. Several issues of significant strategic importance will be addressed through this work.

Tremendous Value – Utilized by AAAS and Government of Alberta


  • Capture Changes due to Pandemic
  • Identify Trends
  • Ensure AAAS Efforts are Effective
  • Cost is $60,000

Our industry is proud of its many success stories and the benefits delivered for our stakeholders. Success stories might demonstrate leadership and illustrate specific and tangible benefits for communities that would not likely have occurred gathered from our members and will be used to promote the stature and growth of our industry and our members.

The project will explore these various issues, among others, by bringing our existing knowledge base clearly into view and taking advantage of it to develop strategic direction and supporting communication for our industry. Richard Hudson Inc will assist AAAS to explore some of these issues, resulting in strategies for our industry to pursue the individual expectations of agricultural societies.

The recent research projects conducted among members have provided excellent perspective for AAAS to pursue its role as a facilitator, communicator, and strong resource for our members. AAAS remains committed to the viability and growth of Alberta’s Agricultural Societies. However, there are some important gaps in our knowledge. These will also be addressed in this research. It is possible that some additional data may be needed to build insight into ways to use knowledge raised through prior AAAS research and planning activities.

This work will focus on strategic development for our industry and our members. The results are expected to be actionable steps and strategies for AAAS and for our members that will be communicated to members through several vehicles.