Affordable Tech for Non-Profits

AAAS has been working with TechSoup for Ag Societies wanting to qualify for the benefits they
offer. TechSoup is an organization that is dedicated to empowering charities, non profits, and
libraries with effective use of technology. They offer software, hardware, and learning resources
at little to no cost for qualified organizations. Here are just a few examples of what TechSoup

Wix Website Builder
Microsoft Programs & Services
Discounted & Refurbished Computer Equipment

To qualify for these benefits, each individual Ag Society must apply and be approved through
TechSoup. Ag Societies will be approved on a case-by-case basis, and because they are under
special legislation, they are required to provide the following Federally incorporated documents:

T1044 the non profit organization information return
A copy of their Ag Society by-laws

To learn more about what TechSoup has to offer, and to register for an account, follow this link:

To register for an account follow this link

** There is no guarantee that every Ag Society will qualify, but we strongly encourage you to apply**