Breton Agricultural Society Challenge to ALL Alberta AG Societies – In Support of Ukraine.


Greeting Fellow Ag Societies

As you are well aware, Ukraine is facing life altering crisis and the people of Ukraine are on many people’s minds right now. The Breton Ag Society realizes it role in extending a helping hand where needed.

Presently that need is in Ukraine. We have pledged $1000 to the Canadian Food Grains Bank in hopes of starting a snowball rolling. To help get this snowball growing:
The Breton Ag Society hereby challenges all Alberta Ag Societies to meet or beat their $1000 pledge to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

There are 291 Ag societies in Alberta. If we all make the minimum pledge we can raise almost $300,000!

Why have we have chosen the Canadian Foodgrains Bank?

Most importantly the Canadian Foodgrains
Bank has a partnership with the Government of Canada. Through this partnership they are able to
leverage donations up to a ratio of 4-1. This turns $300,000 into over $1,000,000.

The Foodgrains Bank presently has projects initiated in Ukraine. They are also recognized for having low administration cost
amongst charities. (Source-

For more information, visit Canadian Foodgrains Bank at

Our Alberta representative is Ary Vreeken

He can be contacted at 403-690-2965 or




The Breton Ag Society is hosting a “Ukrainian St. Patrick’s Day” event on March 18th to generate
additional funds for the cause.

The past 2 years having been trying for all of us. Covid, drought, inflation, isolation. These all pale in
comparison to fleeing from missile attacks.
Thank you for your interest.
Game on!


Breton Agricultural Society

Maria Flores
Author: Maria Flores