Partnership with Alberta Municipalities on Power+

The Alberta Associate of Agricultural Societies (AAAS) is excited to partner with Alberta
Municipalities on Power+ to help you actualize significant and sustainable cost savings on your
energy bills.
Alberta Municipalities has been procuring electricity for their members for over 20 years. Their
most recent electricity aggregation secured rates below market forecasts and resulted in cost
savings of $6.4 million for participating members in 2021 alone!
With this experience and success behind them, they have looked forward and have created an
innovative product – Power+ – that will result in greater savings and long-term budget certainty.
This product is structured to access electricity pricing right from its source – avoiding costs that
are incurred when you need to deal with for-profit intermediaries. It also allows you to lock-in
favourable rates for up to 10 years – avoiding the increasing prices in the electricity market and
providing long-term budget certainty.
Most importantly, through the partnership we’ve established with Alberta Municipalities, we can
use the strength of their membership to go to market with a large buying group. This is an
opportunity to join in with participating municipalities, educational institutions, and health care
sector members to form a large buying group to achieve the best price for all participants.
We want to make sure you understand what this unique and time-sensitive member aggregation
opportunity could mean for your agricultural society. You are invited to attend one of two
informational webinars, occurring on June 6 and 7, 2022.
Information on a free webinar has been sent all the AAAS Member AG Societies
– Please check your emails.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Maria Flores
Author: Maria Flores