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*  this package is eligible for the Agricultural Grant Program reimbursement program

Friday, February 5, 2021:


5:30 pm – 6:30 pm  (please choose one)


Bylaw Review Workshop

presented by Tim Carson

If your organization has not reviewed or updated your bylaws recently this workshop will assist you with both the review and updating. During the workshop participants will be using their existing bylaws as a discussion document and comparing it to best practice bylaws (that have been developed by AAAS in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry). We will also give an overview of the differences between bylaws and policies, and review what the Agricultural Societies Act mandates for Ag Societies. A template will be provided to participants and by the end of the day participants should leave with an understanding and templates that will assist you and save you time when revising your own organizations bylaws.


Emergency Preparedness

 presented by Brad Andres



7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  (please chose one)


Grant Reporting

 presented by Monkia Warring  of Alberta Agricultural & Forestry

This  session will be hosted by Monika Warring of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and the Agricultural Society Grant Program.

This session is ideally suited for the person(s) in your ag society who will be completing the Grant Report and Annual Return. 



Board Member Financial Literacy

presented by Kelleen Tait of MNP Financial


This workshop will teach participants the essential skill of knowing how to both read and understand financial statements. Participants will go through examples of financial statements and accounts. They will learn how to read a financial statement, but also translate what the numbers mean for their organization.





Saturday, February 6, 2021:

8:00 am – 4:00 pm sessions delivered via ZOOM

8:15 am – Breakfast: “Egg-stravagnza”, interactive cooking demo presented by Guest Chef

9:15 am – Opening Welcome

9:30 am – Opening Keynote, Presented by Brenda Robinson

10:00 am – Coffee Break

10:15 am – * AAAS Year in Review

11:00am – * Regional Meetings

12:00pm – LUNCH: ” Learning to Lunch” Interactive cooking demo presented  by Guest Chef


2:15 pm – Coffee Break

2:30pm – Announcement of Regional Directors

3:00pm – Closing Keynote, presented by Doug Griffiths

3:30pm Closing Remarks & Cocktails



Opening Keynote Speaker: Brenda Robinson 

Brenda is a speaker, trainer, writer and consultant.

She has been addressing groups for over twenty years on topics related to communications, humour, laughter, positive working skills and wellness in general.


Closing Keynote Speaker:  Doug Griffiths