AFSC Next Gen Ag Leaders Club


 Agriculture Financial Services is excited to announce the official launch of the “AFSC Next Gen Ag Leaders Club”

In celebration of the legacy of Alberta’s Agricultural Societies and the ongoing impact of agriculture on our society, AFSC is dedicating resources to engaging and empowering the next generation of leaders and doers within our communities. The Next Gen Ag Leaders Club is a salute to those who have paved the way and an invitation to those who will continue the journey. The Next Gen Ag Leaders club is to support future leaders, ensuring that the legacy lives on.



Alberta’s Agricultural Societies have played a pivotal role in the life and growth of Alberta communities for over a century, contributing significantly to both rural and urban life and reinforcing values related to agriculture and community. These societies offer diverse programs, facilities, and support systems that benefit local and regional populations. The facilities and programs provided by Agricultural Societies not only attract non-residents to the communities but also stimulate spending, benefiting local businesses.


 Annual Convention Pricing

To support this legacy and the growth of future leaders, AFSC is pleased to offer a special discount program for AAAS Ag Societies delegates – that meet the age eligibility requirements of AFSC’s Next Generation Loan (under the age of 40 at the time of application). The membership will be offered at a reduced rate of $100 per registration.

(Rebates to the Ag Society will come after the Conference).

Upon registration application, those that identify as a “Next Gen Ag Leader” (click the age 18-30  or 31-40 box on the registration page will receive the AFSC Special Discount (to a maximum of 60 registrants).


 About the Investment

At AFSC, we are committed to building stronger communities. We understand that agriculture can be challenging, but as a community, we stand together, supporting one another to grow stronger. Our path forward becomes easier when we walk it together.

 We believe in Alberta’s communities and are dedicated to making them stronger. We support mental health programs for producers and our team members. We aim to be good neighbors and help sustain the culture, heritage, and community traditions throughout the province.

 The AFSC Next Gen Ag Leaders Club embodies this commitment, fostering the next generation of leaders to continue the legacy of our Agricultural Societies and ensure the growth of Alberta’s communities.

Through these initiatives, AFSC is not only investing in the future of agriculture but is also showcasing its commitment to the next generation of leaders, the ongoing legacy of Alberta’s Agricultural Societies, and building stronger communities.