Supporting Agriculture and Rural Communities

By joining the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies as a service member, you can actively contribute to the advancement and sustainability of agriculture in Alberta. The association plays a crucial role in supporting agricultural practices, fostering rural development, and preserving the cultural heritage of Alberta's rural communities. If you have a passion for agriculture and want to make a positive impact on rural areas, this could be a compelling reason to become a service member.

Networking and Collaboration

Being a service member of the association provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with individuals who share your interests in agriculture and rural development. You'll have the chance to connect with farmers, agricultural experts, industry professionals, and community leaders. This network can offer valuable insights, knowledge exchange, and potential partnerships that can enhance your personal and professional growth in the agricultural sector.

Access to Resources and Education

The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies likely offers a range of resources, workshops, seminars, and educational materials related to various aspects of agriculture, from sustainable farming practices to rural event planning. As a service member, you may gain exclusive access to these resources, which can help you stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the agricultural field. This access to knowledge can be invaluable for both personal enrichment and contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices in your community.

As an AAAS member, you gain exclusive access to a wide array of benefits. The advantages available to you include the following:


  • Listing in the AAAS Website Buyers Guide
  • Convention discount for entertainment showcase opportunities
  • Free listing in the Spring Newsletter
  • Advertising Discount on AAAS Newsletter Advertisements
  • Shared Posts on Social Media Platforms
  • Spotlights on our Service Members and Sponsors for our AAAS #SundaySpotlight shared on Social Media


Your commitment to AAAS enables us to:

  • Stimulate the community through programs, events, and services.
  • Advocate for our members and adopting positions to influence public policy through communications with elected officials.
  • Spotlight issues and gain visibility for Ag Societies
  • Provide resources such as online job postings, grant resources, an expanded web presence through the membership directory, and digital advertising opportunities.
  • We will continue focusing on our mission of providing unparalleled support for our members and to strengthen our community now and in the future.