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Agricultural Societies are volunteer driven, not-for-profit organizations whose mandate and diversity make them invaluable in the communities that they serve.




For a map of the Ag Societies, please see below (or download the PDF).  Please see below the map for a complete listing of the Agricultural Societies in Alberta.

MANDATE OF ALBERTA AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES (as per the Bill 14 Agricultural Societies Amendment Act, 2015)

“The object of a society is to encourage improvement in agriculture and enhanced quality of life for persons living in the community by developing educational programs, events, services and facilities”

The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies (AAAS) is a not for profit, non-governmental, provincial association originally formed in 1947 that advocates and provides resources for the 291 Agricultural Societies in Alberta

( 1 Major / 7 Regionals / 283 Primary Ag Societies ) 

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