The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies (AAAS) is a not for profit, non-governmental, provincial association originally formed in 1947 that advocates and provides resources for the 293 Agricultural Societies in Alberta. 

Vision for AAAS

AAAS inspires vibrancy in Alberta communities

Mission Statement

Through education, facilitation and collaboration AAAS empowers people to be leaders in high quality communities


  • Shape an evolutionary business model for Agricultural Societies
  • Actively support members
  • Inspire pride in our members as strong community builders
  • Live and promote excellence and accountability
  • Promote action

Defining Values

  • Excellence in direction and execution
  • Success through collaboration
  • Motivation through education and engagement
  • Advocacy through example
  • Dedicated to strengthen Agricultural Societies and their communities

Vision for the Value of Agricultural Societies

  • Agricultural Societies are recognized as positive community leaders
  • Agricultural Societies connect Albertans and the agricultural industry
  • Infrastructure in Rural Alberta is strong and appropriate

Review the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies By-Laws – 181 K PDF